Best Natural Chew Toys for Dogs

best natural chew toys for dogs

Is your furry friend driving you crazy because he or she won’t stop destroying your stuff? Though it may be a headache this is normal dog behavior; if they are bored and don’t have any chew toys, they may select your best pair of shoes to rip apart. Luckily there are numerous chew toys that … Keep Reading

Best Toys for Dogs that Like to Shred

best toys for dogs that like to shred

There’s nothing cuter than a puppy acting like a big dog and biting on everything around your home, even your new pair of shoes. However, it’s a whole other story once they are older and can cause major damage to pillows, furniture, clothing, and even your purse. So today we’ll be telling you about different … Keep Reading

Best Toys for Dogs that Tear Things Apart

Best Toys for Dogs that Tear Things Apart 8

Are you the proud owner of an adorable furry friend? Then you probably want to give your furry pal only the best, including their toys, especially if your dog enjoys tearing apart your things. No matter how cute they are, most dogs tend to destroy things if not properly trained, so today for the safety … Keep Reading

Best Toys for Dogs who Chew

best toys for dogs who chew

Does your furry friend has a bit of a habit of chewing your shoes or even furniture? We hear you. If your dog is the chew his way through everything type, then you need the best toy for dogs who chew! When your pooch just can’t seem to control the chewing, a chewing toy may … Keep Reading